Vision and Values

Our VISION is what we aspire to be.

It describes what our organisation needs to look like in order to be successful. It helps us to focus on what’s really important.

Our VALUES describe the ‘how’.

How we need to act in order to achieve our vision, the behaviours that shape our culture and reflect our beliefs. The STR Group Vision and Values are the result of our 2018 Vision and Values Company-wide survey.

We asked our employees to contribute so that our Vision and Values could be meaningful and encompass the beliefs of our people as a whole, not just the ideas of a select few.

We asked…

Our staff were asked the following questions to help shape our vision and values…

What is the best thing about your job?

They answered – The people.

What described your ideal work culture?

They answered – Collaborative, fun and engaging.

What is the most important thing about what we do?

They answered – Providing a quality service.

What makes us different from other Recruiters?

They answered – Our professionalism, quality and employee-focused positive working environment.

How we could be a better employer?

They answered – To be more united, more transparent and show we care.

Our vision

The results

From the results of our company-wide survey, we developed the following vision which will guide us when making strategic business decisions and help our new staff understand our culture and values.


In true form, now living by our new vision, we asked our employees for input on several business decisions such as our core values, general feedback and sales incentives that would motivate them!


  • Do the right thing, and do things right
  • Have the courage to speak up; speak freely without reproach
  • Recognise and hold your hands up when you get it wrong – we all do sometimes
  • Be honest with everyone, including yourself – even when the truth is ugly
  • Be kind, have compassion and show humility


  • Demonstrate a united front, consistency of message and uniformity
  • Show respect to every person
  • Remember that we are one Team
  • Demonstrate collaboration and togetherness
  • Listen for understanding, share knowledge and best practice and connect with others


  • Celebrate successes – big and small
  • Remember to find the fun in everything that you do
  • Have a sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Work hard, have passion and exude positivity
  • Be positive influencers


  • Understand the value of every task, and complete each to the best of your ability
  • Have passion for what you do, and strive for excellence in every aspect
  • Never settle for ‘good enough’ – Play to Win
  • Be courageous, work with urgency – Do It Now
  • Show drive, be dynamic and love what you do

STR Group Vision and Values

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