Taine Murray

Taine started with the STR Group in 2017 as our first Apprentice. He joined our Life Sciences brand, Blackfield Associates, as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant and has since learned a huge amount of recruitment and life skills.

Starting out

“At school I studied Computer Science, Engineering and Physical Education. Although these subjects were very different, it’s what I enjoyed and what I became quickly very good at. Since leaving school I have found scientific-based subjects extremely interesting due to the market I now work in.

I would say that having family in recruitment would be a big part of my decision but ultimately I’ve always been a ‘people person’, and when I started at M&S I very quickly realised I have the skills needed to sell and build relationships. Being a very money-driven person had its advantages as well.

The list of what I have learned whilst working here could be endless. The number of life skills I’ve acquired whilst being with Blackfield Associates is more than I would have got anywhere else. I have gained skills in selling, relationship building, professionalism and the specialist niche markets I work in.”

It’s not all about work

A note from Taine

Taine Murray“Whilst working at the STR Group, I have enjoyed all the training, learning and development. The best part about this job is seeing and realising how knowledgeable I really am in what I do.

Yes, the money is good and yes, my colleagues are great to work with, but the knowledge I have gained will be for life.”


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