Nathan Sutton

Nathan joined the STR Group with experience in telesales. Since then he has become an expert in Life Science recruitment and is now Operations Manager for our Life Sciences brand – Blackfield Associates.

Starting out

“I had decided I wanted to work in sales after leaving school. Sales appealed to me as my sporty background has given me a natural drive and competitive personality. I enjoy nice things and wanted to be able to build a life where I didn’t worry about money. I liked sales and quickly worked out that the harder you work, the more successful you are.

At a young age, I was earning more money than all my friends. Working in sales for 2 years and although enjoying the rewards and money, I saw no career prospects at my current employer and felt that I wanted a new challenge and to build a career.

On starting with the STR Group, I picked it up quickly and was promoted within my first two months. I knew that success wouldn’t happen overnight and that I had to build this over time; the rewards and career development would come. The culture, recognition and support given┬áby the company keeps me motivated to continue to build and grow.”

It’s not all about work

Nathan’s Journey

  • Oct 2012Trainee Recruitment Consultant
  • Dec 2012Recruitment Consultant
  • Feb 2015 Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • July 2015Lead Recruitment Consultant
  • July 2016Pharmaceutical Section Manager
  • Oct 2017Managing Consultant
  • Jan 2018Operations Manager

A note from Nathan

“The STR Group offered me an opportunity to build my own empire. The culture, the recognition and the support given to me by the STR Group keeps me motivated to continue to build and grow.

I am now Operations Manager and have recently helped launch the STR Group’s Life Sciences brand – Blackfield Associates.”



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