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Trainee Programmes

We believe that investing in our people and giving them the tools and knowledge to be exceptional at what they do is the key to our collective success. During your first few months, you will receive both internal and external training to provide you with all of the skills and techniques you will need to be successful.

This includes all of our Trainees participating in STR Group’s Induction Programme. Delivered in partnership with RecruiterFit, this incorporates 5 modules to guide you through Essential Recruitment Skills, Candidate Sourcing and Qualification, Sales and Business Development, and Process Management.


STR Group is a member of PETA, and we partner with their Apprenticeship team to deliver additional training and qualification opportunities for both new hires and our existing staff.

Apprenticeships offered by the STR Group include the IRP Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing and the IRP Certificate in Recruitment Practice – these can form a great entry to recruitment and assist you in developing a career, whilst earning a recognised qualification.


One of our core philosophies at STR Group is to continually develop our staff and to always promote from within for management and leadership roles, wherever possible.

In support of this, we provide a CMI accredited development programme for new and aspiring managers to learn the skills, tools and techniques to help them become successful people managers. Upon completion, you’ll receive a recognised CMI qualification.

Leadership coaching

Moving from team management into a senior leadership role can be a challenging transition. That’s why we offer external Leadership Coaching to any of our leaders or those transitioning into senior leadership roles.

This ensures that continuous improvement runs through the whole of our organisational structure, giving the opportunity for leaders to gain external perspectives and to challenge themselves!

All these training programmes are available to all staff at the relevant time in their career.

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