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What is an Account Executive?

Account Executives are delivery-focused Recruiters, concentrating solely on delivering the highest-calibre candidates to clients.

You’ll be seeking out the best talent to provide a dedicated recruitment service to nominated key accounts, whilst working in one of our niche brands.

As with Trainee Consultants, through training, mentoring and coaching, our Trainee Account Executives develop knowledge and expertise within their niche market sector, as well as an understanding of the full recruitment life cycle.

A part of something bigger

About the role

Your role will be to establish talent pools of candidates from a variety of sources including online databases, social media, advertising and marketing campaigns, networking, referrals and headhunting activities. You’ll then use your understanding of the vacancy requirements to identify and pre-screen suitable matches for your clients.

Once you’ve completed your shortlisting and submitted your candidates to your client, you’ll be responsible for managing the interview, offer and on-boarding process for both the client, and the candidate. This will involve arranging interviews, gathering and providing feedback, keeping all parties informed throughout the process and providing advice and guidance.

Once a successful candidate is identified, you’ll be responsible for delivering and managing the offer, making sure they are fully prepared to start their new role and ensuring candidates complete the required paperwork.

Clear progression routes


As you develop in your role, you’ll take on responsibility for client management whilst developing relationships with existing or new contacts within the Key Accounts assigned to you. As your client portfolio grows, so will your commission and salary to reflect your skills.

Starting as an Account Executive offers you a variety of career routes, you can progress into team management, transcend into a Recruitment Consultant role where you can work your way up to Associate Director in Billing.

Read Tom’s story to see how starting as an Account Executive offers a strong foundation to a successful career in recruitment.

Recruitment is a dynamic, fast-paced and ever-changing world – remember you won’t just be doing the above for one client at one time, you’ll be managing multiple client relationships, recruitment processes, and sourcing projects – all of which are at different stages of the recruitment cycle.

Account executive progression route

  • Trainee Account Executive
  • Account Executive
  • Account Executive – L1
  • Account Executive – L2
  • Account Manager
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Lead Account Manager
  • Principal Account Manager
  • Client Account Director

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