The Alpha Elite challenge

Here at the STR Group, we love a bit of friendly competition, and to recognise our top performers, we launched the Alpha Elite Challenge!

What is it?

14 members of staff from all areas of the business will attend an action-packed 24 hours where they will be spending the morning on ribs in the Solent, followed by off-roading and a helicopter ride in the afternoon. And what better way to finish off the day than with an overnight stay on the luxurious No-Mans Fort, where they will have fantastic views of the Solent, all on us!

How do I win?

The winning 14 will be made up from:

  • The top 10 highest billing Recruitment Consultants across the brands
  • 2 people from our Shared Services office at any level
  • 1 wildcard open to all billers at any level
  • 1 wildcard open to all employees at any level

Check out our current highest billing Recruitment Consultants!

Alpha Elites Leaderboard

  1. Tor
  2. Liam
  3. Gary
  4. Charlotte
  5. Mark
  6. Thomas
  7. Craig
  8. Jack
  9. Debbie

The details

The day starts on the ribs. Speeding across the Solent in tight formation, undertaking fiendish challenges as part of a scavenger hunt across the sea. After stopping for lunch, our Alphas will then take on a demanding, purpose-built 4×4 course with a fleet of real off-road machines – the Land Rover Defender.

Then you’ll take to the sky, soaring through the air in a twin-engine squirrel helicopter for a low-level flyby of the needles. When you land, you’ll be greeted with a Pimm’s reception.

To finish this spectacular day, enjoy a 3-course dinner and drinks in the awesome location of No Man’s Fort, where you will have a choice of five bars, rooftop hot tubs and fire-pit toasted marshmallows to keep you entertained for the evening!

Overnight stay on a luxury island


The STR Group recognises that our employees go above and beyond, so they deserve something above and beyond our usual benefits and rewards. This year we chose an action-packed day; who knows what it will be next year? But we always aim to make it bigger and better than the last!

While we run other incentives and quarterly social events, the Alpha Elite is our biggest and most prestigious event of the year!

Be in it to win it

There’s only one way you’re guaranteed not to win… if you don’t work for the STR Group!

If you like the sound of the Alpha Elite and the thought of regular incentives and rewards, plus a highly social and rewarding career, then upload your CV below and one of our Talent and Acquisition team will be in touch.

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