My first month as a Recruitment Consultant

Time flies when you’re making sales calls. Having done a History degree, I didn’t really expect to end up in recruitment, yet here I am a month later.

Everyone tells you that no two days are the same in recruitment, I can safely say that this is true.

My first two weeks were probably the most nerve-wracking time with Stream so far. I was already questioning whether I had made the right career choice when I managed to make one sales call in a whole day. Only one. That day motivated me, as I realised that I wasn’t upset because I had made the wrong choice, I was upset because I wanted to be successful, and ultimately you learn from your shortfalls.

My bosses, Joe Honey and Simon Allgrove, have been pivotal figures in my first month or so. They have been constantly praising me when I’m doing the right things and constructively criticising me when I could’ve asked one more question or pressed just that little bit more.

If there’s one attribute that I’ve learnt since starting, it is that all Recruitment Consultants must possess perseverance. My first month has been spent chasing down the people in my targeted companies that have the all-important power of saying “You know what Seb, I do need help filling this SOC Analyst role”. It’s taken me my first month and a bit to chase down a client and tell them exactly what I could do for them, and I think it might just pay off.

In my first paragraph I said that I didn’t expect to work in recruitment consulting. When I applied, I didn’t realise the STR Group/Stream even had an Information Security team. Having secured a place in this team with Joe Honey as my gaffer, I’ve already grown to love Cyber Security as a market. I even talk about it when I’m drunk… (yes, I am that guy who will talk about work when they’re drunk).

Cyber Security is a great market, it’s fascinating. Without trying to sound too sinister, every company in the world needs to be protected from the evils that are on the internet. Being able to aid companies in securing the best talent is something to indefinitely be proud of and it’s been a key motivation of mine across my first month at Stream.

Seeing what people like Joe Honey and Abi Muir have achieved in these sorts of spaces is inspiring because they’re aiding household names in their Cyber Security and Software recruitment. Seeing success really makes me want to do as Leo DiCaprio says in Wolf of Wall Street, “pick up the phone and start dialling”, because I already feel part of the team and part of the story of Stream.

Hopefully by the time my next blog post comes around I’ll be able to proudly say that I’ve made my first placement, so watch this space.


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