International Women’s Day project: Women of STR

In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), we have chosen to showcase our female managers through our social media campaign Women of STR. Our aim is to raise awareness whilst recognising women within recruitment by sharing their career experiences and offering advice to other women entering the sector.

This year, IWD’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge, “From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.”

“We can directly affect the future of recruitment.”

From talking to our female high-achievers about IWD and their careers, it became apparent that everyone’s experience was different, but they all share a similar aim – to encourage and support other women. This is why we are choosing to celebrate our female managers and discussing the benefits of making your workplace more inclusive!

Hopefully, we can inspire companies to revisit their current processes and cultures and understand the importance of attracting and retaining female workers. You can read each interview in our brochure Women in STR, which can be found at the end of this article.

Be the solution!

Businesses must apply diverse hiring strategies to their recruitment practices and enforce equal opportunities within their culture and processes. If a company provides an inclusive workplace culture, it’s not only more approachable but effectively attracts and retains more female staff. The development of progressive workplace cultures, which focus on driving diversity and inclusion, is becoming the norm, with 87% of companies now committing to gender equality as opposed to 56% in 2012. This progression is usually achieved through men and women working together. To successfully implement an inclusive workplace culture, all must participate and equally encourage each other.

A proactive network within a company or team will develop, promote, and champion equality in the workplace, through sharing and empowering women’s voices. This will make businesses more productive and therefore more desirable to clients and candidates alike.

Changing the future of recruitment

Online resources from IWD can help your company to participate in positive change. For example, Lean In’s 50 Ways to Fight Bias encourages companies to educate staff on effectively challenging discrimination within the workplace, whilst discussing solution-orientated practices with management, explaining why it is essential to speak up when you see it. As a partner of IWD, Lean In provides a library of free resources to companies to share amongst their team, including interactive unconscious bias presentations and webinars.

Our Women of STR project is intended to provide transparent insight into the industry and evoke a conversation within the sector. Our discussion on the future of recruitment was to encourage companies to participate in inclusive practises, because women don’t want businesses to accommodate to them but to be more inclusive of them. So, let’s all #ChooseTo Challenge for a more equal and inclusive future!


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